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Jamaica Bliss Lemonade


Known as hibiscus, Jamaica, Bobo, Zubolo, and Sorel worldwide, this refreshing holiday favorite packs a powerful punch! 

Jamaica Bliss Lemonade is a delicious and healthy way to enjoy these benefits. A zesty lemon complements the sweet and tart flavor of hibiscus for a unique and refreshing beverage. Enjoy its health benefits and delicious flavor hot, chilled, or over ice. Treat yourself to Jamaica Bliss Lemonade today!


Health benefits include:

  • Control blood pressure

In 2008, AHA, or the American Heart Association, reported that consuming Jamaica water is able to lower blood pressure. A more detailed research by Tufts University in Boston stated that hibiscus tea or Jamaica water is able to reduce blood pressure by up to 10 points. This result would be achieved if we only take at least three cups daily.


  • Prevent cancer

This sour ruby red drink is known to contain protocatechuic acid. Protocatechuic acid can perform as an antioxidant agent, which is very beneficial in preventing cancer. As stated by the research from Taichung Medical and Dental College in Taiwan, it works effectively by eliminating the cancer cells and inducing apoptosis. 


  • Protect liver

Many researchers conclude that hibiscus contains high levels of antioxidants. The antioxidant is helpful to prevent and treat liver diseases. The antioxidants from hibiscus tea poured into Jamaica water can also neutralize the free radicals, which may be the leading cause of some health problems.


  • Lower cholesterol

Do you know how many diseases you can avoid by lowering your cholesterol level? Well, you can instantly reduce the risk of heart disease and protect the blood vessels from damage. And what is surprising is that we can have those benefits by regularly consuming the Jamaica water.


  • Relieve stress

One of the health benefits of Jamaica water is the ability to relieve stress. The flavonoid of the hibiscus flower is attributed to it. Drinking this beverage will be very beneficial for the central nervous system. Further, it will alleviate some mental problems such as stress, depression, and anxiety. You can also choose a beverage other than coffee during your work to ease pressure without stimulating the nerves.


  • Relieve menstrual pain

Jamaica water is very good at balancing hormones. As we know, women get some problems caused by the imbalance hormone when they are on their period. As a result, they often get menstrual pain, mood swings, and headaches. So, consuming Jamaica water might be a good solution as it gives a pleasant flavor while relieving menstrual pain and problems.


  • Great diuretic

The sour Jamaica water is also an excellent diuretic. It can flush out the extra fluids from your body. The flushed-out fluid will also carry unwanted residue and toxins. Thus, drinking Jamaica water will aid your best performance.


  • Lose weight

This summer beverage also has the potential to lose some pounds of weight. As the drink gives us such a refreshing sour taste, it also contains a high acid level. The acid effectively prevents the absorption of excess sugar and starch of carbohydrates, which are the main culprits of weight gain. 


Precautions in Consuming Jamaica Water

Despite the health benefits of Jamaica water, you should also be aware of the precautions as it might have some effects. For example, for People with a hibiscus allergy, it is better not to take this beverage or the extract hibiscus as it may stimulate allergy effects such as swollen eyes and fever. On the other hand, consuming Jamaica water may affect blood pressure. Consideration should also be taken if you are going to drink Jamaica water while in this condition:

  • Pregnancy
  • Before surgery
  • High sugar level

Therefore, the consumption of those with low blood pressure must be overseen. It may also interact with any anti-inflammation medication.

Jamaica Bliss Lemonade

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