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Founded in 2018, Global Gardens Health & Wellness, LLC. aims to provide quality and comprehensive health and wellness navigation resources and services to help all of our clients (ages 0 - Seniors) reach an overall state of well-being in both body and mind! We desire to assist and serve communities in a more significant way! Our diverse board and staff celebrate our depth of differences generationally and culturally.


As you know, ending food insecurity in Sacramento, CA, is our primary mission. Our vested effort in the Meadowview community is the cornerstone of our vision. To accomplish our goals, The Chew Inc. has partnered with Global Gardens Health and Wellness to elevate access to medically tailored and culturally sensitive meals. 


Together, we  currently offer:

● 4-week Culinary Arts Certified Training Program - For the youth and adult workforce development
● Sac Dine-in 2 Program - 140 families served
● Weekly Food Distributions in Meadowview - Feeding over 1,500 individuals every Thursday
● Meal Delivery - Twice weekly to Florin Wellness Center
● Weekly Senior Meals - Sacramento Manor
● Giving For Loss No Cost Catering Services - For families who've lost a loved one

It will be essential for us to continue to conduct research and development in creating
delicious, medically tailored meals that appeal to African Americans, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American populations. We are prepared to access private, public and social network resources from diverse local farms, restaurateurs, and businesses in Sacramento and surrounding counties to support our mission to advance workforce development and training throughout our region as we end food insecurity. 


We also offer Hair, Health & Hygiene Resources:

* Holistic Culinary Arts, Nutrition & Family Meal Services

* MediCAL-approved culturally diverse, medically tailored meals

* Africine - Roots, Remedies & Recipes Apothecary Courses

* Natural Hair & Health Care Certification Classes & Services 


We aim to increase awareness, access, and equity to healthy food, hair, and hygiene products within vulnerable, low-income, high-risk, and underserved communities. We offer household solutions and resources that enhance the quality of life for families preventing or experiencing health crises.


Bishop Dr. Sunday Achi Ayah is a highly accomplished and respected individual, with a diverse range of expertise in the fields of traditional herbal medicine, theology, and psychology. With a lifelong passion for healing and guiding others towards personal growth and spiritual enlightenment, Dr. Sunday Achi Ayah has dedicated their life to serving the community as a traditional herbal practitioner, bishop, preacher, and doctor of psychology. As a traditional herbal practitioner from Nigeria, Dr. Sunday Achi Ayah  has extensive knowledge of the healing properties of plants and natural remedies. With years of experience studying traditional medicine systems from around the world, they have honed their skills in creating herbal formulations that promote holistic healing and overall well-being. Dr. Sunday Achi Ayah believes in the power of nature to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit, and is committed to providing personalized herbal treatments that address individual needs and promote optimal health.

Dr. Achi Ayah draws upon ancient wisdom and indigenous knowledge to provide natural remedies and treatments. Their deep understanding of herbal medicine, passed down through generations, allows them to harness the power of nature to address various physical ailments and promote optimal health. With a keen eye for identifying the root causes of health issues, Dr. Achi Ayah offers personalized herbal remedies tailored to each individual's unique needs. In addition to their expertise in traditional herbal medicine, Dr. Sunday Achi Ayah  is a highly respected Bishop within his community. With a deep understanding of theology and a profound spiritual connection, he serve as a guiding light for individuals seeking spiritual solace and enlightenment. Through his compassionate and insightful preaching, Dr. Sunday Achi Ayah inspires and uplifts others, helping them navigate life's challenges and find meaning and purpose in existence.


Furthermore, Dr. Achi Ayah holds a doctorate in psychology, specializing in the field of clinical psychology. his deep understanding of the human mind and behavior allows him to offer valuable insights and guidance to individuals struggling with mental health issues, interpersonal relationships, and personal growth. Dr. Achi Ayah firmly believes in the power of therapy and counseling as transformative tools, and utilizes evidence-based approaches to help individuals achieve emotional well-being and self-actualization. Throughout his career, Dr. Achi Ayah has touched countless lives, empowering individuals to overcome physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. his holistic approach to healing, incorporating the wisdom of traditional herbal medicine, spiritual guidance, and psychological support, sets them apart as a unique and invaluable resource within the community.


Passionate, empathetic, and dedicated, Dr. Achi Ayah continues to make a significant impact on the lives of those they serve. Whether it be through herbal remedies, spiritual guidance, or psychological support, he is committed to fostering healing, growth, and transformation in individuals, helping them lead healthier, more fulfilled lives. Dr. Achi Ayah is a true embodiment of compassion, knowledge, and experience, and his contributions to the fields of traditional herbal medicine, theology, and psychology are immeasurable.

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Bishop Dr. Sunday Achi Ayah, 
Guest Host


The Chew, Inc. Giving 4 Loss Compassion Meals Program (G4L) helps grieving families by cooking and delivering three nutritious meals free of charge. Nutritional plans are available made locally with Sacramento's Farm-to-Fork choice selections. Ready for pick-up or delivery.

The program's mission is to serve and support families as they grieve the loss of their immediate loved one, by simply providing nutritious meals and resources while healing. 
The goal is to provide support and navigation services to help alleviate excess stress, during times of loss; naturally and/or tragically. With each meal provided, our community-service leadership mission is being accomplished, one family at a time!

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